Sam Roberts

Handsome muscular Rugby player Sam Roberts chats first, he is confident, masculine, well spoken, and has a big smile and a cheeky glint in his eye. The solo begins with Sam stripping out of his rugby kit, down to his white boxers. He strokes his big bulging pecs and plays with his nipples as he strokes his bulge. Getting naked, Sam gently plays with his semi hard uncut dick, sliding the foreskin back and forth, quickly getting rock hard. His dick curves up slightly and has some nice girth at the base. He jerks off slow, and standing over us now, takes his hand off his throbbing cock to stroke his powerful body. He goes back to jerking off, working his dick a bit faster. On the sofa now, Sam continues working his stiff meat, giving us plenty of sexy looks into camera. He builds up gradually, sweat starts to glisten on his chest and biceps as he jerks off harder. His muscles bulge and tighten as he is about to shoot, and then the spunk starts pumping out thick and fast, and plenty of it, squirting all over his sweaty six pack. He squeezes out the last few drops as he catches his breath.


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