Seb Evans

Appearing for the first time on camera, handsome blue eyed fittie, Seb Evans, chats first, telling us about what he is into and how he keeps fit. The solo begins with Seb taking off his sports vest to reveal his killer body, spectacular ripped abs, broad shoulders, tight pecs and strong muscular legs. Taking off his shorts, he rubs his bulge, then removes his undies, leaving him in just his football socks and shin pads. Jerking off, he gets his uncut dick hard, shows it off to the camera, rubbing spit into the head. tensing his hard body, Seb gets into some horny jerk off action. Changing position, with his legs back, arse to camera, Seb starts fingering himself, with one finger, then two, then three, giving his hole a real good stretching. Next, he uses a butt plug to open his hole up a bit more, then lubes up a big thick dildo and inserts it, to really stretch his hole to the max. He fucks himself slowly with it, then speeds up, giving his hole a punishing workout. Seb gets back to jerking off again, slowly building up. As he gets close his muscles tense and tighten. Then his dick starts squirting out his hot spunk pretty hard, shooting up to his pecs, with more jets of cum spraying out over his ripped abs. Awesome.


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