Ross Drake and James Lewis

A very passionate scene here, with handsome, ripped footballer Ross Drake and cute young twinky lad James Lewis. They kiss and grope each others bulges on the sofa before taking off their tops. Both lads have great six packs. Pulling off their shorts, they take turns licking each other nipples whilst massaging their bulging dicks, which strain against their white undies, before taking them off. James lays on his side to give Ross a good sucking – his dick is thick and rock solid, and James slowly goes deep, sucking right to the base, then Ross pumps his mouth a bit.. They switch, and Ross sucks James now, his cock is pretty big. Then Ross stands to get sucked with James on his knees, sucking really deep again, right to the base, making Ross moan with pleasureā€¦James is so turned on his dick points straight up. James lays on his back on the back and Ross pulling his butt cheeks wide apart then gives his tight hole a good rimming, plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in to open him up, whilst sucking on the end of his stiff dick. Super hot. With both lads eager to fuck, Ross Lays back and James lowers himself down Ross’s fat fuck pole, riding it slowly, then Ross grips his arse and thrusts into him. James is rock solid the entire time. Next, James leans against the sofa, Ross stands, and pushes his dick in again, fucking slow at first, the working up to a real good hard pounding. For a final position, James lays on his back to get fucked again, and Ross builds up, gradually fucking harder, till James cant hold back and he shoots a great spunk load all the way up his chest, and over his six pack. Ross pulls out and spunks a huge creamy load over James’s face and into his mouth. James sucks the end, swallowing every last drop. Unmissable!

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