Max Trey

Twink lovers are in for such a huge treat with this little hottie who puts on such a hot show. Appearing on camera for the first time is super cute, 18-year-old Max Trey. He is a little guy, with bright blue eyes, a very cute face, and a ripped, tight body. He starts off on the sofa, playing with his bulge then lifts his top and takes it off to reveal his great six pack! He rubs his nipples and bulge, then takes off his shorts. His bulge grows even bigger in his white sports briefs as he strokes it, till it almost bursts out. Taking his undies off, Max takes his big cock and plays with it gently, getting it rock solid and throbbing. It’s a big cock, with plenty of foreskin, and a big bulging head on it, plus sexy low hanging balls. He shows it off to the camera, giving us cute little looks, and jerks off slowly for a bit. Max is standing now and he massages lube into his stiff dick, jerking off slow then giving us hands free action as he plays with his nipples, and his cock throbs, rock solid. On the sofa now, Max jerks off a little more then starts to work on his hole, sliding his finger in and out slowly, making his cock throb even more than before. It looks huge now, as he fingers himself and keeps his cock on the edge of cumming. He starts to jerk off harder, building himself up, and it doesn’t take long till his big dick starts spraying out powerful jets of spunk all the way up his chest to his shoulders, with several more squirts pumping out all over his pecs and abs. Unbelievably hot and Twinktastic!


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