Wet 2: Heatwave | Part Three

Outside, the pool party full of beautiful boys is still in full effect, at the opulent home the roommates are house sitting. Inside, Jacob Hansen, and Chase Williams are admiring the decor. They ask sexy Seth Peterson if the home is his. Without missing a beat, our boy hatches a plan. “Yes” he says, “it’s my summer home.” Then, he offers the pretty pair a tour. Eventually the guys catch on that it’s all game. However, the boy is so hot, they easily forgive the fib, and end up in the bedroom! Peterson apologies on his knees, delivering both boy’s beefy bones some downright delicious throat. Williams gets in on the action, shoving his shaft in Hansen’s hot mouth, then wetting his whistle with the dude’s dick. He eventually winds up on all fours, with Seth fucking his face, and Jacob’s tongue jammed deep in his horny hole. The guys add some cock to Williams’ tail, and work him over REAL well. Peterson gets his turn in the middle next, playing top, and bottom to Hansen, with Chase’s chubby shoved down his throat. Jacob takes his turn at center stage next, accepting every inch of Williams’ giant jock, till his own bone spits spunk up up to his neck! Chase pulls out and adds to the party, with Peterson putting the cherry on top at the end with an epic load! Covered in cum, Jacob looks up at the guys with sweet satisfaction. Tune in next time, to find out what delicious debauchery the roomies will get up to in “Wet 2: Heatwave!”


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