3 Horny Twinks

We gave hard hammering hottie, Silas Brooks not one, but TWO beautiful bottoms to play with! Sexy Sam Ledger, and naughty boy Noah Bentley quickly get busy playing with the stud’s supersizer, AND each other! After a tantric- triple make out sesh, Sam slinks to his knees, and tickles the back of his tonsils with both beefy bones. Brooks boner is too beautiful; and, Bently can’t resist joining his buddy. From then on, it’s an ass smashing sex session, where Silas reigns supreme! He licks ‘em, then sticks ’em, while ordering his two, tight bootied twinks into any porn-perfect position he pleases! After Noah puts in some rigorous raw riding, Ledger gets laid out on his back. Brooks doesn’t hold back, banging the breaks off the beautiful boy till he busts big, splattering spunk like a summertime sprinkler. Noah, and Silas flank the freshly fucked fella’s fine face, and paint that perfect mug with white-hot, gooey gold! Slut boy Sam stays ready with his mouth open. Whatever doesn’t hit the target, he takes in with a twist of his long tongue. Brooks kisses both his boys, then let’s them know, “you did such a good job.”

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