Flip Fuck for the New Guy

Fresh off his sensational solo debut, Matthew Gray sizzles with superstar Seth Peterson in his first ever fuck flick! The bronze skin beauty brings the heat, holding his own with the twink porn titan, biting Seth’s lusty lip, and grabbing those gorgeous goods with no shame! After a gropy, strippy make out sesh, Seth sinks to his knees to see what the new guy is packin’, and the seasoned sexpot is pleasantly surprised! He sucks the sizable slab down his thirsty throat, before Grey returns the favor. Wanting to give the new guy the five star treatment, Peterson plunges his pretty-boy tongue deep in the dude’s perfectly smooth pucker. Once Grey is primed and ready, Seth slips his schlong in balls deep, hitting hard from the first thrust. With the guy’s girthy groin still running through his mind, Seth straight up asks for a fucking. Grey is more than happy to give the guy what he needs, and delivers a delicious doggy style smash. The cock-cam catches all the ass banging action from above, AND underneath, as Peterson jacks his juicy jock. Mathew pounds the hot, young hunk till his hog heaves hefty ropes of raw nut from that golden boy bone of his. Spent, and more than satisfied, Seth turns and kisses the newbie, welcoming him into the Helix fold.


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