Twink Titans

Coming in hot and heavy, clad in black, and with chemistry to spare, Seth Peterson, and Silas Brooks’ fresh, young beauty, and erotic appetite set this scene on FIRE! The hard bodied twosome suck face, and shed their shirts, anxious to get down to business. Seth has been working out, and it shows. Taking notice, Silas kisses his chiseled torso, and snakes right down to that D. He tastes every inch of the muscle twunk while undoing his zipper, revealing Seth’s sculpted seat, clad in a sexy jockstrap. Silas kisses the guy’s protruding package, then releases the beast. The fat phallus flops out, nailing Brooks right on the chin before the hungry boy inhales the tasty treat. After the sizzling, slobbery knob job, Seth hops on Brooks big behemoth, and bobs his head like a dick hungry bitch. The huge hog in his mouth gets Seth’s hole horned up; so, he climbs up on the bed, straddles Silas, and sits his fine ass right down on that colossal cock. Brooks bangs the breaks off the hot hunk, crushing that ass in different positions all over the bed, before finally bringing him to the bust heavy brink. Peterson’s perfect body ripples with muscle as he jerks his jock to an incredible climax. The seed hearty sight has Silas’ bust filled sack boiling, and he blows all over pretty boy’s smooth butt hole. After painting the dude’s ass, Brooks breaks back in that freshly hammered hole, and emptied the rest of his wrath, twitching and spasming with pure pleasure.