Beautiful Boys Bang

With gorgeous good looks that compliment each other, Cody Hall and Parker Quinn kiss with wild abandon, while pawing at overstuffed packages, as they cast their clothes to the floor. With lust in his eyes, and a thirst in his throat, cock hungry Cody Hall decends to the knees. He unwraps Parker’s pulsing package, then pounces on the perfect piece like whore in heat. Quinn looks down with wide eyed wonder, and appreciation for the work Cody puts in, as the sexy sucker struggles, doing his damdamnedest get get every inch of the thick dick down his throat. Parker pulls the boy up for air with a kiss, then goes down to return the cock sucking courtesy. Hall is impressed with Quinn’s tonsil tickling talents, and toys with the twink playfully, smacking his handsome face, and gagging him with that pulsing piece. Hottie Hall suggests they head over to the bed, and like a good lil’ bottom, pretty boy Parker bends right over. With his hands on the mattress, Quinn’s caboose swallows Hall’s rock hard cock, and our boy gets right to bangin’ that beautiful butt. Parker isn’t shy about showing his sweet stisfaction with dirty lil’ words of encouragement, and moans of pure pleasure. Cody cocks that hungry, hairless hole in several positions, hitting it so hard the bed sings! Holding a leg high in the air, Parker lets Hall know when he’s hitting the hot spot; then, he jerks his juicy jock till he splatters jizz all over his sexy, smooth six pack. Pleasing his partner is Cody’s kink, and he immediately follows with a fuck load of luscious lad splat that pummels Parker’s pretty, freshly pounded pucker with top boy precision.