Zach Attack

Your favorite Helix boys are on a camping trip and the cameras are rolling! As the boys get deeper into the night, Zach Letoa spills some behind the scenes secrets, even shares a bit about his Mormon schooling. CJ Parker lends an ear, and eventually…. a mouth! He licks, and throats Letoa’s dick with such skill, that Zach returns the favor on his knees with a knob job so epic, pretty boy Parker has to catch his breath. With lust in his eyes, Zach gives CJ’s junk another lick, then asks the boy, “wanna ride?” Primed up Parker can’t resist. He straddles the sinewy sex star, and slides his smooth seat on down that dick, moaning with pleasure. Letoa licks the lad’s cock, which has been bouncing in his handsome face, then bangs the boy out in doggy, till he has the hottie whimpering, Zach has an incredible ass, and knows it’d be a shame not to put it to use. So, he asks sexy CJ to stretch it out for him. The lil’ twink is quite a good top, and gets right to work pumping peen into Letoa’s lusty loins. His smooth, hot hole looks luscious, as his ass muscles flex while he fucks. After fucking his fella face down, Parker has the hottie flip over, and bangs him out on his back while jacking his juicy jock. Zach can’t take it any longer! He grabs his rock hard eager, and jacks it till it spurts spunk all over his tasty, tatted torso. Parker unplugs, and with perfect aim, blasts Letoa’s freshly emptied balls with a beautiful wad of boy bust. The white hot pleasure oozes down Zach’s sexy neck, and right into his hot, horny hole. Realizing an orgasmic opportunity when he sees one, CJ jams his still jizzing jock in there immediately after, coating Letoa’s cum crazed canal with the cream it craves.