The Shaw Shaft Addiction

Listen in as Derek Shaw, and Ryder Rockwell have a day date, and get to know each other a bit better, while getting cozy on the couch. After some cute conversation, the temperature starts to rise, and jeans start to tighten. Hunky stud, Shaw wraps the tiny twink in his arms, as they kiss each other close. After some super sultry over the underwear action, Ryder finds himself in front of Shaw’s shaft. He hooks the young stud’s waistband, and braces for impact. The thick, heavy piece flops out with impressive weight, as Ryder looks up at Derek, with hunger, and approval. The beautiful boy bobs his handsome head up and down on the thick dick in a delicious, dizzying, lip smacking dance as he dines like a king, on the colossal cock. Shaw breaths deep, as his dick dives deep into the depths of the twink’s thirsty throat. Soon, his horny hunger for tight hole has him in it’s unrelenting grip. He spins Ryder around, whips his drawers down, and eats the boy’s beautifully smooth butt like a hungry man on a mission. With Ryder’s sweet, salty taste still on his tongue, Shaw stands up, and takes aim at this tasty, tight target. He eases his massive shaft in with spit slick strokes, and quickly picks up the pace to pulse pounding, hole stretching, sweet satisfaction. He blows the boy’s back out in doggy, then eases Ryder fuckable frame to the side for some sultry strokes. Bottom boy’s pretty face is flush with pure pleasure, as he tosses his head back, and accepts every thick inch Derek drills deep inside his sweet center. Derek feels his seed filled sac tighten. He releases one of his boy’s ankles from his strong hand, takes hold of his huge hog, and lets loose all over the twink’s taint. and tight tail. Wads of white hot, hunk spunk splatter, coating bottom boy in creamy confection, as the well muscled stud relaxes his firm frame down onto him…into him, as they kiss once more.