Cum Pig

There are lots of ways to ask for what we want. We can be nice about it… or we can just be plain dirty.

The term “pig bottom” didn’t come about by accident. For a lot of us, there’s just something indulgent and ball-bustingly hot about bathing ourselves in filth and CUM, and just not giving a damn anymore. There is tremendous power in transgression, especially among a group of caring, compassionate, and fucking exciting, adventurous men.

This video is an active demonstration of what happened at an actual men’s ecstatic sex retreat, where guys made a commitment to fearlessly ask for what they wanted, and to indulge in the pure pleasure of giving it to each other! Watch their faces, listen to their fuck-bliss, and notice how pure filth meets pure love, as indulgent tops speak to their bottom in the filthiest—and most overtly affectionate—ways, all at the same time.

Many of us have only dreamed of such a fantastic scenario, yet where have we ever seen it portrayed? Our invitation, as you watch this video, is to consider—even for just a moment—that what you’re witnessing is no longer in the realm of “fantasy”, but a portal into a new field of dreams.

Most of the men in this video are not actors or professional porn stars. They’re men like us, from many walks of life, of different body types and ages, who are coming together to celebrate sex and find the marriage of filth, aggression, indulgence, generosity, and pure fucking man-on-man love. They’ve co-created a sober, drug-and-alcohol-free sex-play space. They’ve had open discussions about their limits, boundaries, desires and confirmed STI/PrEP status.

If they can put a man on the fucking moon, WE can have the most fantastic sex we ever imagined… and beyond! Dare to dream big, fucker!


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