Don’t you think the curly haired lad in this vid looks like the boy from ‘Call Me By Your
Name’? That film has enough sex in it as it is but we wanted to put our own HYB twist on it 😉
He’s an American country boy named Zayne, all the way from the wilderness of Missouri.
We might need to change our name if we keep getting boys from so far afield. Not that it
matters, cause just look how adorable he is!!!
He’s hanging out with Igor! Handsome, hench and covered in tattoos. These two went mad
for each other
We were playing that Dirty Minds game. Don’t think they could be arsed putting the effort in cause they were dying to get each others’ kit off! After a minute they gave up and started making out. Proper snogging they were with tongue and everything when Igor unexpectedly ripped off his shirtand omg what an incredible body! Zayne started softly kissing his nipples (must of been sensitive cause they were as erect as his cock was) and then each of his abs one by one. Then he undid each of his trouser buttons, again, one by one.
His penis was throbbing with ecstasy underneath those bright orange Calvins,think it
was desperate for some fresh air. Not that it got any cause it went straight down that boy’s
gob. He caressed every inch of it, teasing it with his mouth as it got harder and harder;
kissing it, licking it, jerking it off. Defo his new favourite toy
He shamelessly yanked off his hoodie exposing his bare torso for all to see. Not a single
hair on his chest with a gorgeous set of nips. Totally suckable and hard enough to cut a

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