Using the micto pull lads for our AFTER PARTY!
It’s the morning after last night’s shenanigans and everyone’s K.O’d.
Jake made breakfast and everyone went out on the town!
We found so many hot guys! We met this scally guy and he tried to teach us some Welsh! We even went to a Karaoke barThere’s a lot of singing and dancing in this vid come to think of it
BUT u now us – we was just using that as an excuse to fit FIT lads and kiss them LOL
When we got back everyone was a bit loopy. Especially Reece, Jamie and Josh. They did a full on dance number! It was so perfectly choreographed, think they’re in the wrong job.
Meanwhile, the living room was overflowing with fit lads from pride!
The night carried on and on and it got so stuffy with so many people. Of course shirts started coming off.And eventually nobs as well lol. First one BJ of the night was between Danny and Reece. Does that really surprise anyone?! Horniest lads there XD
Everyone took turns sucking Dan off for that matter, what do we always say? ‘Everyone’s had ago on Dan’ hahaha
It was like a revolving door of DICKS!! Cock to mouth, mouth to cock! Things got interesting when Tim got involved though! No-one could handle it, it was SO HUGE!! You know this by now though
lol. Jake made a valiant attempt, although he nearly made himself sickIt’s the only time you’ll see him cry
That Welsh lad had been waiting for this all day, think it’s the only reason he agreed to hang out because he was at it like a rabbit!Scurrying round the room shoving his nob into every gob and arse he could find! So outrageous
While Danny got spit roasted by like 3 different sets of people. And of course the Ukrainian gave his bum a good seeing to XD


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