The Cardiff Anal Cum Exchange

Cardiff was roasting hot so everyone was lounging about bollock naked. Tim was
already stroking his huge cock (which soon ended up in Jake’s mouth)
OMG!! He was desperate to get on his knees and please him! Tim thrusted his hips back
and forth using his mouth as his own personal fuck toy!! Couldn’t believe my eyes!
Jake kept stopping to chat, but I think he was just stalling 😉 Can’t have minded that much tho cause he kept going back for more!! Swear his nob is addictive!! Once you see it you can never leave it alone! Jake wasn’t just gonna be used though. He backed him against the wall and went to town on it!
Reece was mesmerised (again)! He was BUSTING to FUCK the shit out of tim!!! He laid him on the bedand spread open his arse: such a tiny hole. !!NEVER BEEN USED!! Reece
made him a deal. Tim could fuck the cocky Welsh lad, if got fucked in return. They both
chickened out thoT_T
Can’t have everything u want tho, Reece. Maybe next time we can sweet talk him 😉
On second thought, maybe he should stick to what he’s best at cause he proper tossed one on Jake!! He was suddenly feeling merciful tonight tho and eased him into it! Got his hole soaking wet, fingered him and slowly slid his member in! He was digging into his guts like a jackhammerThe walls of his arse were so warm and inviting on his cock, he was in
HEAVEN! Shame Jake couldn’t handle it for long
Still, he gobbled down on it while furiously wanking off his dick. He was so turned on, he
wanted to cum so bad!! He tried to hold it but he couldn’t take it anymore, he whipped out his willy and splattered that Ukranian cock with more semen than you’ve ever seen!!
YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS BIT! Before he could even breathe, Reece pulled down his
pantsand sat on it! His rock hard prick got sucked in by his gaping arse going right up to
his back, filling his insides with all that milky spunk!


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