Scally boat party

Our mission is a simple one:
Milk there Spunk outta all these guys dicks
REAL guys @ a REAL party!
Our lads are fucked by ANYONE from public- the boys go to please all the guys on
Get cum outta them dicks on that fucking boat- spit it in a tube 2 save it!”
“Film it” if you can BUT most important …..Bring us back some of there cum…..
In the words of the late queen…. “for later”
Its the Just4Fans Boat party, which we are totally hijacking of course HAHA
(sorry JJF but sharing is caring)
We r going to be doing something even better with that -trust me! Hehehe
This is fucking madness – the boats ⛴ rammed so its kinda hard to film and not
get guys faces in so….We send the lads to go see what they can find!!!!
Josh jumps straight on this older guys cock – really sexy Prince Albert❗️
U wanna see him sucking it and pushing that dudes cockto the back of this

AGAIN – these are all REAL guys in REAL situations so remember it might not look
like a normal porn film, we do make mistakes and the guys are very average -This
is what turns us on the most❤️
WE fucking LOVE fucking members of the public

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