18yr Beginner with Adult Babies fetish !

Totally unashamed novice 18yr adult babies come to the HYB privateBBQ
House Party andSpunksBuckets
Beginner, kink Teens wanna explore their fancies with us
✈️I’m not making this shit up, turns out you can have young adult babies
I have obviously heard of ‘adult baby’ kink but didn’t know young people would be
into it
But These two lads were truly god-like in there looks – really Guttsy, really cute
The party was proper crazy- was about a hundred or so turned up which is
normal for us but not abroad
Was a BBQEAT, suck n fuck party
Loads of people Was turning up in all sorts of fetish gear
WE TRY BEING ADULT BABIESwell, we dressed Jake up as one of the babies
and putting him to bedHAHAHAProper funny !the lads were a good sport
Im not going to lie – I was kindaeyeing this boy up all night – and
chatting him up at times (remember he had his BF there and I didn’t know how
things stand between them. Like if there in an open relationship or not – HE’S
PERFECT this boy
I dont like lads too skinny – to me he’s an absolute dream come true – especially
that his American as well
then …..Danny nicked him off me LOL –
I saw Danny pulling him into one of the bedrooms and though “oh fuck- there goes
my chance with him” but I didint wanna be uncool and go pushing in – that
I only know they got it on film coz I found the footage after


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