Animalistic Scally 3-WAY While Mate is Asleep.

We’ve just got back from the DARKLANDS in Belgique
Reece and Jamie are bright eyed and bushy-tailed but JOSH still hasn’t recovered
He’s absolutely knackered! Little does he know what he’s missing out on.
Tim went round with to his mates to have a good time at Josh’s place,but he
wasn’t gonna let Josh’s laziness stop him.
Reece leaves them alone for two minutes and they’re already necking!‍❤️‍‍Proper
three-way kiss! Don’t think Tim had ever even been to Josh’s before but that didn’t
stop him one bit. Normally that would be impolite but in this household anything
(At least when Jamie isn’t there.)
Weather was freezingbut Tim just wore a jacket with no top underneath. Do they
believe in shirts in Ukraine?I thought it was arctic over there❄️Before u know it,
they’re on the floor sucking each others’ dicks. Don’t think the bottom in the red jock
has been fed properly cause he’s STARVING for it! Must not have had any dick all
year (which is hard to believe when u see how fit he is). Normally you’d be shy in a
stranger’s living room, but not these guys!
Tim in such a considerate top! Slobbersall over the dude’s arsehole and takes
time fingering him till he’s all wet and loose. Can’t say the same for when he shoves
his nob in. In the words of Reece: ‘that touch provokes one of the most intense
feelings’. Him and the other top, proper handsome lad with a cheeky smileU
SHOULD SEE HIM FUCK! Tim has some competition! He’s jirating like a


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