Jamie invites lads from the internet to do a live paintingfor him.LOL how could this
go wrong
JB sketch (aka Jamie Baker from Bristol) TWITTER @JBsketch
That cute boy JB sketch thats been hanging around us to help us with our design work has
really made our place HOME – littuary – his everywhere we go! LOL something tells me his
more intrested then just painting these models – anyway
Jamie has been helping us with his camera skills BUT this was a LIVE painting session he
wanted to do for a new ‘erotica’ book he has coming out.LOL it goes from Erotica to
HARDCORE sex within seconds – its funny watching Jamie loose control over his painting
– I don’t even know what he was trying to achieve
LIVEPainting session turns into Bareabck fucking orgy with Hung Guys!
But as soon as the lads are sat next to each other, there all touching each other up and get
all sexually >LOL – the paintingsoon stops. HAHA
OMG! This one Brit lad is had a 9” dick on him and is well up 4 it – they so wasnt interested
in posing for a painting.LOL (sorry Jamie but come on- there horny and all worked up as
fuck man)
AH that cute Ashley was there – really fit, skinny and only 22yr – he gets bend over and
fucked up the arse from that ‘Skin Head’ sexy fucker with the 10” cock – REALLY

He fucking sticks it up his arse whitest cumming



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