It’s GRABBY’S 2023! And Danny has organised a real treat for Jake Ryder!! He comes back
to the hotel to find two FIT AF lads on his bed ️ waiting for him! NVM Introductions!! He jumps right on ‘em and digs in!!

1. Beautiful Bearded Italian Brute!! His body is TO DIE FOR!! Just the right amount
of muscle and hair!
2. But he’s a HANDSOME curly carrot-topped BRIT! He looks so chav with his
chain, tattoos and Adidas trackies but they don’t stay on for long!

Their nobs are already sticking out through their joggers B4 he even comes in the room! But as soon as he does they whip em down and flop their members over the top!! They start pulsating as they slide their tongues in Jake’s mouth and start kissing and biting him all over! They must be starving!!

You know this by now. Jake might look macho but really he loves it up the arse! Dudes
fill up his ass and his mouth at the same time! He is completely at their mercy and he’s
LOVING IT!! ❤️ They fuck him in every position you can think of!! (Though Danny will tell
you doggy is his favourite lol. Woof )

Poor Jake. Such a nice tracksuit as well, but they drench it in Jiz!! Now he’s gonna have to
walk round the hotel covered in cum


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