This CUTE boy gets done up the arse by this really sexy
hunky bloke – SO AMAZING
Wait to you hear how we met them LOL

We were all out at this animal masked ball party
in spain (who comes up with these ideas) lol which
was a fucking wicked night, ended up in some really small
off the beat and track bar/club thing where we got
absolutely fucking hammered
(left some footage of the night in to show ya) HAHA it
was brilliant oh and who knew Mark Mcaulay (the Scottish
one) could speak fluent Spainish so random to hear
Spainish with a Scottish accent

On our way home which was now day ☀ light we bump into
two lads getting it off in the street HAHA

They were porn stars in spain for the Grabbys so we get
them to come back to ours for an after party and I told
them they could stay in the bed and we could even film
them fucking each (well the staying in a bed bit was
maybe a lie as we didnt have any free beds HAHA) we
just wanted them to come with us

The party continues back at ours – my plan was originally
to nick (borrow) lol the boy off the guy and like take
him in the laundry cupboard but I was way too sloshed by
that time – we was so cunted we ended up passing out –
because of the shots we had

OMG did we miss and fucking HOT HOT HOT LAD and this
hunky bloke was equally as fucking FIT man – nice big
cock on him as well DAM why did I get so pissed

They made a ‘make shift’ bed on the balcony outside –
to be fair I think they were just greatful to be indoors
and we so into each other –

Cant stop thinking about this lad though –
really handsome

This proper muscular bloke shags this boy all over the
balcony – REALLY HOT

Im telling ya spain is where the parties at – if ya wanna
have a good time and get into random situations then you
gotta come to the spain events its wicked


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