EVERYONE wants a peace of that 10” Ukrainian-
cant blame them
(that was me one day too remember) LOL

BEST BLOW JOB ever capture on film –
This is fucking legendary mate
How this film ends is with 10” Ukrainian just wanked
n sucked off and he just blows it in this lads mouth but
you get to see the cum being shot out – its epic – and
the 10” Ukrainian is not wanking or nothing he cums
just by the fella giving me a BlowJOB – filmed at such a
great angle you get to appreciate the bloody size of this
dick – BUT THE CUMMING is out of this world

This sexy guy we had filmed before was messaging us like
made saying “pls let me come over for a Condonless
Quickie- im outside and can see you lot on Grinda”

We said yeah but would have to be a FUCK N GO cos we was
ment to be at some party night or something in an hr,
which obviously we was well late for and got told off

There were two lads wanting to blow there LOADS up and
arse there n then so Jamie (poor Jamie he always gets
caught up in all this) said he would film it for us

I was expecting this to look shit cos it was so rushed
but ITS FUCKING AMZING – Tim (10” Ukrainian) really
shags this boy and Jamie @JBSetch (u know the
artist) , true to his word really got in there and the
filming is just brilliant – u get to see everything –
spunk his dripping down this lads legs and his still
going for it!
The Ukrainian has a pre cumproblem (although I
think its a gift) but he leaks like a mother fucker,
Words cant tell you enough how much of a sex maniac he is

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