Alex, 22yr HUNG AF 9” gets fucked n spunked up chain smoking chav –
right LOOKER STUNNING cheeky lad Alex was with us – His SO beautiful
really the perfect type 2, enormous -gigantic hefty sizeable 9” Inch
when he get sit out its just jaw dropping and a really chavy manner
about him wasnt ment to be filming like it was, stupid oclock and Danny invited us
back to have a go in his hot tub his always got something Cool going
Its really super cool on his roof you know!

sometimes we all just get horny and start doing each other but its
normally that theres a boy In the room everyone wants – this case it was
Sexy Alex !

Jakes so horney his wanting things shoved up his arse again
Alex and Reece start from him with toys but Alex massive cock Starts
barebacking him and his trying fuck all of his leaky pre cum up that

OMG theres this new sexy lad hanging with us -Filthy Fitty impressive
looking Grad student

Its brilliant – then this new boy comes in – and he doesn’t wanna be in
the movies (yet LOL)
But he comes and and lends us his hot bum – I just have to pull his
traickies down first – SUPPER HOT – I spunk my first load Skin on skin
on his bum cheeks

adorable Alex is shagging some of the lads with that 9” gigantic dick
(most prob a bit bigger)

I see my opportunity to get my rock hard dick up Alex’s gorgeous arse
hole – his normally more top and his one of mates who I cant and dont
wanna stop fucking lol
He fucking came in my arse 5 times repeatedly once – no lie – was

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