The ultimate ‘Fuck n Go’ session – BIGGEST EVER FILMED in the UK
POSTING LIVE online 70 Anonymous fuck n go Guys Cum-Dump 21yr Chav lad open door

instructions given online 100% ALL REAL – all proof added in video

Extra… Extra… Read & See all about it…World breaking record
And by far the most amount of CUM ever seen
70 YES 70 guys in one fuck session and EVERY ONE of them CUM because its not a long
Its a turn up, pull ya pants down, put it in cum and GO session LOL (means people cum within minutes)

I was genuinely shocked how many people wanted to CUM and SPUNK up our sexy thin and sexy scally boi who LOPVES CUM
He said to me
“George I dont care what they like“
“I dont care about there background“
“I dont care about there race/size – (cock size or body size)“
“George I just wanna use your twitter and BB whats app group to brake the world record
Or how many guys can fuck n cum in me in 1 session“
“George I promise I wont EVER NEVER say NO to any ones LOAD being shot in my arse
Just please help throw them out after so we can get the next one in LOL

Once edited the footage is 1hr and 40 mins long (and thats edited down) LOL so we had to split it into TWO PARTS – both super long

And YES there really are over 70 + guys (and thats just the ones on cam and EVERYONE one of them SHOOTS inside this fit little hot twink – I make the guys pull out with the cam right there so you can see that dick has just cum! I even suck a few of them (u know me so twisted)

I make a promise to this lad “ I George, do by swear to Fuck my cock RAW up your arse EVERY single time some random leaves there LOAD up your bum – AND I DO ….HAHA

I fuck the boy as well SO SO MANY TIMES my cock was red raw after (oh and obviously I
CUM quite a few times in the process – normally I just fuck off after I cum, BUT not this time – nothing could drag me away from this new found DIRTY KINK – I fuck love it unprotected and FUCKING all them other dudes cum in him!

Never EVER heard of 70 LOADS in 1 arse (was more like 100 cos a few guys wouldn’t let us film them

check out our twitter for the exact Location and address, we have posted the street name
and door number LIVE ONLIVE (very project X) HAHA

Open invite Project X style BB SEX party advertised LIVE ONLINE
1 Masked bottom boy will be taking EVERY LOAD OFFERD – regardless of looks or cock size

The rules are simple
1)CUM CUM CUM is the payment to attend – u need to shoot your load and LEAVE
within a few minutes
2) When you cum you ➡ MUST pull out and show me the evidence that you CAME! NO FAKE BULLSHIT Allowed here

for everyone to come round
It was close to being out of control LOL some times there were 5 people turning up at once
Advertised all over twitter/ grinda/BB whats app groups

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