END of an era for Josh and Jamie first year living together. TOO MANY PARTIES I THINK! if walls could talk, how many guys do you think they had over? 10s, 100s, 1000s? Maybe Josh but Jamie keeps his cards closer to his chest. Who knows he could be hooking up with more guys than us lot… maybe.. we’ll never know.

Anyone got a spare bed for them whilst they in-between places? Offering cleaning and washing services haha!

They’ve rallied the troops to help, first to clean up Josh’s mess of a bedroom and enlisted Benjamin from Hampstead to clean up the mess. After moving a couple of very light boxes they cant resist to film one last video in the flat. One last time for the Neighbours – they en’ all were fucking sometimes more than us!

Jake is always ready to bottom and we wanted to see Ben’s massive dick again. Always get soo turned on seeing what he’s packing. He’s so sxy n Jake loves gagging on his thick hairy cock.

Pounding on Josh’s cum stained bed making even more mess to begin with, Jake shoots all over his body and soon followed by Benjamin creaming his hot thick spunk load out of his great big dong. Thanks for the hand lads!

Jamie and Josh are gonna carry on livin’ together so look out for parties at their new place!

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