So, there’s this event called SBN in Vauxhall, right, and it’s a real mad one. I’m talkin’ blinding lights, thumping bass, and a proper crowd going mental. Naked bodies everywhere you look, if you haven’t been you really need to go check it out.

There were these two geezers who were set to perform.
Our main lads. We’ve got Kev, a proper cheeky lad with dirty trackies Josh, and then there’s Jordan, a right stunner with his beautiful eyes and a body to envy.
⏰ They were both booked for a banger of a performance at SBN, but they’d never met before.
They’d been chatting online for weeks, you know, discussing their set and all that. (sharing dick pics) But when the night finally arrived, they were buzzing.

They both rocked up at ours before, giving it all the swagger he had. Josh was checking Jordans arms as they were chatting on the brown lounge. When we heard thumping from the other room.
The two guys had filmed for us before and we knew they were up to filming. They wanted to get some practice before fucking in front of a live audience. So Reece grabbed a cam and got down tot film. Jordan had fucked Reece a year before – so it was a bit of a reunion.

Jordan flashed a smile when he saw the size of Josh’s long dick that could light up the whole of London. “That’s me, mate. You fancy wrecking my ass before we go on? I’m proper thirsty.”

It turned out a big success and they shared their loads, spank the donkey before riding the pony sort of thing They swapped numbers, and even had a cheeky snog in the corner
As the night went on, the crowd got wilder, and we all got horny and ended up all fucking in the dark rooms out the back aswell



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