You gotta meet this lad
Crazy smile – so happy and such a down to Earth
Proper chav ….(sorry babe meaning that in a good way if ya reading) but you are !- your not playing scally – thats who you are which makes it so hot your into that as well – u know we fucking love scally/chav lads –

Really stupidly handsome – really switch on as well such a lovely lad, not a bad bone in his body – so kind

We really get to know him in this Unedited vid
Really rare look into someones real life

He sat on the sofa with me and Recee and the cam asking him all about himself – 100% all true and genuine people is what we find hot – also, u know, sometimes I have no clue how to proper start getting it going, normally the more nervous I am (normally when I really like someone

We asking him all sorts to get to know him then like its getting hornyier and hornier the talk ️
And its so amazingly sexy how it all turns all of a sudden – the things his talking about and what his into, his then doing for real❗️

Was trying to really keep my cool and not look so desperate LOL doubt that worked – his charm is of the scale – and with fucking Recee there as well (Also absolutely fancying this guy like crazy).

After snogging his face off – I bend him over the fish tank and shove it right up his arse- he finds it hard to take it and even in the end I still gotta leave a few inchs out but
His def more bottom – % – FUCKING LOVES DICK – and cum- U gotta see the end!



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