OMG Have you ever seen someone soo cute, this guy is proper stunning – really cute. This year at DARKLANDS they are soo many young horny filthy lads just up for getting fucked and taking off their clothes and getting really dirty. This lad was actually in our hotel and came over and hung with us. They love their fetish gear, MRS LEATHER and GEAR BERLIN.

LOVE his red hair and red top and red nails Lol! He looked great – also his shaved lines in the back of his head, like claw marks. He was a pup, really chatty – they all got their different fetishes at Darklands. He told us that he had taken over 5 loads and every covered hi in spunk in the darkrooms. Crowded around by huge cocks ❗ He was hanging around with a load of other cute twins too and he even invited us to come watch them fuck but but we ran out of time! Hopefully they’ll be there next year too. ♥ ⚓

We met Tom in the street and he and his bf said they loved our videos – they are a really nice couple who get off filming and watching each other fuck. We love boyfriends who love letting their boyfriends enjoy themselves. Really horny letting your bf fuck other guys. We knew Dionysus would be up for it and he was next door in our hotel so we had invited him over. Tom was a bit cautious thinking shit are we actually gonna make a HungYoungBrit video.
Tom had a huge hard on when it started to be sucked and we couldnt even get them to the
bedroom before they started fucked and ploughed that cute red head twink on the sofas. I think the guy loaded his hole a bit before pulling out – so we didn’t get the cum shot, I managed to milk his dick a bit tho and cum came spilling out his ass.

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