Yanno we like to keep things fresh here at hungyoungbrit HQ, we usually have smaller twinks paying us a visit but these two lads came through the doors and could barely get through them they’re so fucking big, so any tall guy appreciators are gonna LOVE this one!!!
Theo coming in at like 6’6 then Alex turns up AND IS 6’10 big fukka. Anyway they found each other in the showers and it wasn’t long till they started comparing sizes BIG GUYS WITH BIG COCKS,
I’m sure Alex is use to being the tallest everywhere he fuckin goes, but when you’re on your back with your hole exposed everybody’s the same size, Theo XL – XL BY NAME XL BY NATURE, shoves his cock right up the other tall lad until he can’t hold it in and bursts his milk all over ALEX’S FITT ARSE.

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