Whenever there is a horny event with a guaranteed fuck loads of sex, you can count on AJ Baxter to be in any city country or Glory-hole either on his knees, serving all the cum filled balls or handcuffed in a sling, getting pounded bareback till the early hours of the night every night

We literally see him at every sex or fetish event we go to! He is a hard-core trooper and sex lover with the idea of him, getting a obliterated at any given moment
We were in Spain and he was there of course for the Grabbys and he had accidentally arrived a day early so we offered him a bed for the night. However he was more interested in getting his hole filled and asked if we knew anyone

We had actually met up with Snauwflake ❄ a guy we had filmed being fucked on the balcony the year before They were the perfect twink twosome to get the week started

JBSketch showed them around the apartment, making sure they knew which room was his BUT AJ was too eager to see what was inside Snauwflake’s pants and he does have a nice long smooth cock. Perfect shape to fit in anyone’s gob.


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