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19 yr Owen is a little cutie, and he has been hanging about with us a lot too. I told him to give me a spin and he pulled down his trousers LOL. I’m not always thinking about sex! Or maybe I am, but wasn’t this time!

Two Genuine chavs taking their clothes off and playing with their mates dick. Nothing is more horny than two friends rubbing off together. They fuck in the shower, and Owen can’t stop looking at Alex’s huge Dick.

Owen has a big knob too and Alex had to taste it. We all know each other off. Licking every drop of pre-cum.

Every time Alex comes over, he always takes off his top to show us, his skinny body, and loves to show off his giant cock. We have so many boys constantly naked around us – if you or any of your mates wants to come join, send us a message. ✉


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