Good Morning Haruto!

It’s really nice to snuggle and doze after a hot night of making love with a new buddy. But it’s a lot nicer to wake up next to him and find he’s just as horny for another round as you are. When Ruito wakes up next to built, boyish bottom Haruto in the hours before dawn, checks his phone for messages, and stretches an arm out to touch him, Haruto gives him a smile and they start cuddling and kissing. Their cocks are also awake and ready to a second go at it. The two hot Asian studs lick each other’s hard dicks and peel off their shorts to get comfortable. While Ruito sucks his buddy’s stiff tool, he reaches down and finds Haruto’s ass throbbing for a deep fuck.

Ruito lubes up his finger and works it into Haruto’s love tunnel, getting ready to drill in raw and deep. From the soft moans, he knows how much Haruto is looking forward to that. Kneeling between his legs, Ruito eases his rod in then starts thrusting faster. Haruto matches him thrust for thrust, bumping his hot booty into Ruito’s smooth crotch. The tall slim top mounts him from behind, rams in with a vengeance. Things heat up quicker than you’d expect for a morning screw. Finally Ruito needs to pull out to catch his breath, jerking his meat and splattering out a hot creamy load. Haruto joins in, sending a spurt of cum flying up to land on his lean tight waist.


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