Ram Into Ramu

Ramu is a new guy around Japanboyz, and he’s still a bit shy and rough around the edges. If you notice him keeping his eyes closed in the middle of a hot sex scene, it’s not that he’s bored, dozing or checked out. He’s just so caught up in his own erotic world that everything else fades away. But he’s a hungry little bottom, and tonight he’s going to take on passionate, horny Ruito.

You can see from the start Ramu and Ruito strike a spark. They kiss and cuddle like old friends with benefits, not in any hurry to get this hookup over with. Ruito explores all Ramu’s warm cuddly erogenous zones, slowly heating the new kid up to the boiling point. He slides in a slick lubed finger to get Ramu’s ass throbbing and it achieves every bit of its purpose. When he plows his big cock in, Ramu is smiles and sighs, eager for more. After he takes it lying down, he perks up to hands and knees for Ruito to kneel between his ankles and drill his cock in balls deep. Ruito speeds up, and Ramu’s breath gets fast and panting. They’re both near the edge of a big cum splash. Ramu’s not used to this level of pleasure coursing from hole to dick, and he starts beating his cock furiously. A hot spray of creamy wad hits his smooth belly and chest, and Ruito keeps pumping in deep. He lies next to Ramu, and as the satisfied twink nibbles Ruito’s nips a surge of satisfaction spreads across Ruito’s face. A juicy stream gushes down his shaft and into his beating fist.