Trendy Japanese Boyz

Haru and Kouya are at the forefront of the trendy set among Japanese gay guys. But when it comes to sex, they aren’t afraid to stick to the traditional fucking that’s guided men through millenia. They start kissin, cuddling and rubbing crotches in the shower, then Haru and Kouya each take a turn down on their knees in the hot splashing water to grab a musky mouthful of hard cock. Both back on their feet, they decide to take their action to the adjacent bedroom.

When it gets to the excitement of topping and bottoming, golden boy Kouya lets Haru take charge. He lies back with legs apart and Haru enters him passionately with bare, natural dick. Their moans tip off how much these two trendies get off on each other in the sack. Kouya climbs up to straddle Haru, grinding his hungry booty against the stiff tool inside. The action gets even more heated, and Kouya can’t take any more. In record time Kouya and Haru are letting their hot sticky juices flow before settling back for another sweet cuddle, back to the way this date started.