Andreas Griffin – Soccer kit

Having always been a sporty guy Andreas Griffin is more than familiar with the locker room, and familiar with what goes on in the massage room, too. The Jawked jock is looking for a little light relief and when he finds the room empty he’s more than ready to take advantage.

We can only imagine what would occur if the team therapist happened to arrive and interrupt his solo massaging session, but the sight of the horny guy bulging in his jock or toying with his long uncut penis would surely have the man eager to lay his hands on and help him out.

As it stands, Andreas doesn’t need any help, although it would be welcomed.

With his dick poking out of his underwear he relaxes on the massage table, playing with his turgid length in his fist, his plump balls full and ready to be emptied while he rubs up his meaty member in his experienced fist.

Kneeling on the table with his long soccer socks the only item of clothing still on his body he shows his smooth hole, reaching up to tempt his pucker with his fingers, playing with his ass so teasingly. He would love a teammate to arrive and make use of that soccer hole while he rubs his meat.

Watch as he fully pleases his penis, standing over his soccer sneakers on the table, his cock gushing his warm cum out to splash them with his sporty seed.




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