Antony Carter + Daniello Danure

Handsome and rugged Jawked hunk Daniello Danure is the kind of power bottom every horny young man needs, and Antony Carter definitely needs him.

The brazen stud is hanging out with his pal when his need to jack off takes over. He’s not the shy type at all, so while Antony is snoozing on the couch he’s watching porn and stroking his exposed cock with absolutely no shame.

It turns out Antony is inclined to join in when he spies that dick and the porn Daniello is watching, but once the secret is out Daniello’s sneaky wank quickly becomes a feast of cock and ass.

Neither of them can believe their luck. Antony is soon getting his hole slurped and Daniello is enjoying burying his tongue in the boy’s pucker, but this is the just the start of their frantic fuck.

Daniello’s cock gets a thorough slurping from gorgeous Antony and the bearded hunk loves taking a fast face fucking from the boy, but there’s no denying he really needs that big bareback boner in his butt.

Antony delivers, ramming the big man hard and fast in every position, pounding his power bottom pal until Daniello is furiously jacking his meat and slinging his semen all over himself.

It’s a greedy, messy finish, but Daniello can’t stop until Antony has unloaded his youthful cock cream all over his beard and right into his waiting mouth.

Next time Daniello won’t need to beat around the bush when he’s in need of a good load.


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