Buddies Face Fucking Blinx

Blinx can be an inpatient, demanding, spoiled kid that always wants his way. While hanging out in the office, waiting for Rad to finish filling orders for “Bonerama” Blinx becomes more annoying and won’t stop asking Rad when they can leave. Rad is patient with twink boy Blinx; but only to a limited extent! Rad decides that the best way to shut up Blinx is to shove a few cocks in his mouth, so together with Dustin, they hold Blinx down on a workout bench and force feed him their cocks! Rad nearly chocks Blinx with his massively large dick, while Dustin undresses and explores Blinx’s smooth teen body. After face fucking the young skater and dumping double loads of cum on his face; Blinx seems satisfied with both the lesson he’s been taught and the jizz on his face!




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