Luke Hudson & Jack Bailey

Jack Bailey is hard as fuck the moment he touches Luke Hudson’s muscular body. He’s sitting there grinning with his chubbed dick in his hands; that luscious FTM star’s jock pussy keeps him coming back for more.

Luke can’t get enough of the salivating attention. The FTM hottie’s pure intention—that is, after Jack finishes eating out Luke’s soaking wet boy slit—is to ride Jack’s large cock like a wild bucking bronco!

Jack can already feel his impending load building in his twink loins. They quickly switch positions; while Luke lies back on the bed, he obscenely opens up his legs and nearly cries out for Jack to impale his bonus hole!

Jack long-dicks the daylights out of his favorite FTM wet dream. Jack’s gasping and wide-eyed as he plunges one last long thrust and blasts his boy-cream inside Luke. Luke’s bonus hole is full to the brim and when Jack pulls out even a little, a salacious amount of thick semen comes squelching out.

As the trans jock and top twink slowly come down from their insanely hot climax together, they are already thinking about the next position they should fuck in… after they catch their breath!