(trans) Jaxson Cole and Ethan Tate Chapter 1

On Friday night, all I wanted was to chillax down at the local watering hole after a long day at work. So I’m there and then, of course, that sly fox Ethan Tate comes struttin’ in. He must have felt me staring because all the sudden he turned his head in my direction.

Then he walks over and asks me how my night’s going and if I’d like to go back to his pad and fuck. I kinda shrugged, which I think drove him a little wild. He licked his lips and I could tell that he was starting to perspire a little.

Eventually, I broke the tension and told Ethan that he’d better hurry up and suck my t-dick so I could get back to my drink. The message was received, apparently. After that it was all business—I barely got through the horny dude’s front door and his hand was down my trousers…and you can best bet that what he felt down there was warm and moist!

Ethan ate me out like a twink on fire—he didn’t even hesitate when he saw my jockpussy! I knew then and there that he would cum inside me that night, and frankly, I just couldn’t wait…