(trans) Luke Hudson and Ethan Tate Chapter 2

Hungry holed FTM stud Luke Hudson has a thing for athletic men with boyish faces. He has found exactly what he’s looking for in tall, big dicked Ethan Tate!

Ethan and his amazing curved cock are already hard as the two men engage in a tender makeout session. Once the clothes come off and things heat up, though, the two shift their sexual energy into high gear: Luke gags as he tries his best to get Ethan’s monster meat all the way down his throat. Ethan happily returns the oral worship by licking Luke’s jockpussy and t-dick, melting the FTM jock to a puddle of pleasure.

Luke lays back and vigorously jerks himself off as the entire length of Ethan’s cock slides into his slippery bonus hole, which is a lot easier for Luke than taking it down his throat. Luke can’t help but beg and moan again as Ethan begins to pound his curved pole in and out of Luke’s wet, hungry hole leading to hot, creamy finish.