Foot Slave Gets Footjob Reward

Devin Jones is feeling restless, thumbing through his magazine, so he summons his foot slave, Richard Lennox. “Worship my feet,” the twink shouts. His gay step-daddy slave is more than happy to help. Richard licks Devin’s soles and sucks his beautiful, tan toes, and Devin rubs his dick through his underwear. “Strip for me,” the younger man tells him. When Richard pulls off his shirt and shorts, he’s clearly turned on by the honor of worshipping his master’s feet. His big dick is straining against his red mesh underwear, and Devin rubs the cock with one foot while Richard licks the other. Devin wants to reward Richard for his prompt attention, so he tells him to take off his underwear and begins caressing Richard’s hard dick with his soft feet. The DILF can barely control his lust and begs permission to fuck his master’s feet. The twink’s feet get Richard off quickly, and he blows a huge load of cum all over Devin’s legs and feet, then dutifully licks them clean. Good slave.



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