APPRENTICE TATE Chapter 6 – The Sacrament

The ceremony of the Sacrament is an ancient ritual. As is customary, I wore the mask of the Witch Doctor, standing behind Apprentice Tate and delicately running my hands up and down his body until every one of his senses was activated.

Once his tie and shirt had been removed, I allowed my hand to wander south, under his belt and then between his legs, grasping his rock-hard dick in my hand. I pulled his head back and kissed him with great passion, ordering him to stay still as I slowly stroked, and then sucked, his stunning dick.

I pushed him over the bench and removed my jacket. His ass looked so enticing; smooth, round, peach-like. I immediately sank my tongue into it and it opened up like a flower. I pushed him onto his back on the bench, throwing his legs apart and standing between them, pulling my dick out of my suit trousers.

It didn’t take much to get my dick inside him. I fucked him slowly to begin with, turning him onto his side so that his ass felt even tighter on my dick.

I pulled out and got him to stand up with one knee up on the bench, facing away from me. I was soon banging him with full force. He grunted like a true slut as I went harder and deeper. I could feel the cum rising, and tried to hold off, but I’d passed the point of no return. I had to shoot. I pulled out and exploded all over his back.