Joey’s Surf Vacation Part 1

Even for Joey Mills, sometimes his fabulous lifestyle is so stressful, he needs to take a step back and make time to relax, so he’s headed to Spain to learn to surf. His host, Dean Young, is not just a hot surfer but a hot gay surfer, and Joey’s happy to meet him and his boyfriend before going to hit the beach where he meets tattooed Troy Daniels. Troy gives him some tips for riding a wave, but Joey wants to ride him! They find a secluded spot on a hillside where Joey sucks the top, then he sneaks him back to the house while Dean and his BF are grilling. Troy fingers Joey’s hole and fucks him doggystyle, and the guys don’t even notice Dean sneaking inside to watch them. Joey rides the top till he cums, then Troy shoots on the twink’s face.