Cumming Home For Christmas

With Christmas only a few days away, Trevor Brooks isn’t looking forward to telling his older brother that his small family bakery is struggling to keep its doors open. To take his mind off the possible closure of their beloved cakeshop, Trevor’s partner Dakota Payne decides to break the formula of the traditional made-for-TV Christmas movie and jump straight into anal with his man. With Trevor’s underwear pulled down just enough to expose his hole,Dakota buries his face between his boyfriend’s smooth, muscular cheeks and eats him out like it’s his own personal Christmas feast. The two fill their mouths with cock before the horny bakers flip-fuck and shimmy down each other’schimneys all over the master bedroom. Now with Dakota on his back and Trevor thrusting himself inside of his hole, the men turn the holiday into a true white Christmas as they drain their balls and lay a thick blanket of jizz acrossDakota’s naked body.