Eighteen And Homeless

I had almost forgotten about Jake Mills, but I received a few emails about him based on his Tutor Him scene, and only then did I recall that I had shot a sensual solo of him a month after he had turned 18. He is the kind of teen that I like: sexy, masculine, a little akward, with a nice cock and great ass. He was having some personal living situation problems when we met, and he needed some cash badly. Unfortunately, I lost track of him as easily as I found him. That’s quite common with guys like him. At least I have this and the handjob video to remember him by.

In this video, you can hear me coaching Jake what to say to make him sound more appealing. It’s quite hot, and he ends up highlighting and showing off his entire body, including his ass. And he strokes his dick a good long while, too! He ended up not being able to nut, so we just fade to black. I think this is why I never did put this vid out. But having had another look, he’s just to cute of an 18 year old to leave in the archives. Enjoy!


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