Slam That Twink!

Stud Langley Gold towers over sexy twink Memphis Rhodes in this explosive fuck scene. It’s funny, because Memphis usually comes across as sort of a dominant guy when paired with a skinny twink, but when Langley begins to manhandle him, Memphis dissolves into a total sub who’s pleased as punch to be pounded down like a total sissy. Langley sure does seem to love bossing Memphis around, too. He stays rock hard as Memphis gives him some superb dome, and once he’s loosened up Memphis’s tight hole, he proceeds to literally slam away. Memphis surely has a swollen hole by the time Langley is finished with him, but you wouldn’t know it by the look on Memphis’s face. Langley plows him in several different positions before they both release great nuts. Memphis swipes up as much cum as he can and that jizz sure it “finger lickin’ good,” as they say. Horny stud gets off using twink hole – it’s the best fuck of the year!


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