Daddy’s Play Thing

This casting has to be one of my favorites in a long time. Having known Sasha only via text for a few years, and only having seen photos, I was stunned when I met him in person. He exudes sexuality, and he has a sexy body, to boot! He’s downright flirtatious, frankly. Well, needless to say, it wasn’t difficult getting my dick in him. He’s Daddy’s perfect little slut. From the moment I begin rimming him, I could tell it was going to be a fun ride, and then – the dick sucking – it was a whole different level. When he told me how much he loved my precum while he was giving me some of the best head ever, I almost orgasmed on the spot. Thankfully I was able to hold it in, though.

He had said how tight his hole was, and I definitely experienced how tight it was. The amazing thing, though was how after not too long, he was able to take a beating. As hard as I was slamming his sweet ass, his hole stayed continuously puckered, as iif it were relished my cock as I pounded him. I fucked him harder than I fuck most guys, and he loved every second. He was rock hard through several different positions, and I was having an amazing time with him. He nutted first, while I was slamming him hard. I wiped his cum up off of his washboard abs while continuing to fuck him, and after I took a little taste off of my fingers, I fed it back to him. He lapped it up. After we were finally finished he told me, “That was amazing!” I believe him, because he really is the perfect slut.



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