This is what binge watching really means as we get to the middle part of the biggest group scene shot in the UK for 5 years. There is now not much left of either cop uniforms but the tag team of horse hung ‘Raw Is Law’ tops are about to hit top gear on those fit as fuck now rosebud swollen & flooded law enforcement mancunts. There is now spunk everywhere and it is repeatedly used by the next workman going in for some cop re-education as lube to go deeper, harder and with more painful nasty friction to ensure these 2 guys will never ever forget this day. It gets so nasty that the bed collapses and still their is almost 20 more loads to come for the two cumdumps.

Even the cop weapons and equipment are used to restrain them or be forced deep into their anilatated MET holes repeatedly. We think that one nightstick is lost entirely in one guy’s cunt never to be seen again & handcuffs have never been put to a better use. Both holes towards the end are gaping like fuck and truly look done in and obliterated and due never to close again and yet still there is part 3 to come in what now passes into just plain nasty punishment…


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