Final cop hole total destruction

It’s a hard job being a cop and never harder than when you are forced to take over 4 metres of raw cock from 13 studs over and over again in quick unrelenting succession. Their holes are now red raw and really suffering but their is another couple of hours worth of man pipe going right up them relentlessly as these cops get fucked into nappies. There holes are already dripping with a gallon of mixed spunk loads oozing down their uniformed legs and their is still a sea of jizz ready to be pumped fresh into their already squelching fuckholes to flood their guts like never before including some phenomenal cum shots & spunk play.

The climax as one tattooed cop is held on the floor with his completely ruined multi bred ass completely prolapsed whilst 4 guys jerk their loads all over him will make you bust your nut on repeat for years to come. Many of the newly formed British Breeding Team watch on and laugh at the pain & agony on the cops faces as the suffering and continuous ass damage reaches an incredible sweat coated climax as the last of many loads finds a new uniformed home. This is how every cop secretly likes it, genuinely needs it and should fucking have to take it…hard, deep, raw, endless and with no way out until every guy paying their wages is fully satisfied and has sagging empty ballsacks.

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