Going For A Ride

I’ve wanted to fuck my teammate, Jamie, since the season started, but it was never the right time. That all changed when he saw me in the cruising area near the train tracks. He stopped, we chatted, and decided to go to his place. We started kissing as soon as we got to his room. I threw him on the bed, and we started wrestling as our clothes started coming off. Jamie then went down towards my cock and began sucking. His mouth felt amazing, sliding up and down on my cock. I knew his hole would feel even better, but first, I had to taste his meat. Jamie has a big cock, and I took it down as far as I could, something I was proud of, but then he took a seat on my dick, and we were going at it. I knew his ass would feel great, and my load proved it.


18+ only. Only the HOTTEST twinks!